Advice to the Teenage You

If I could turn around and talk to a teenage version of myself again (yikes!), boy would I have some advice. 

From the serious to the not so serious, I got to thinking of the advice I wish I had paid a little more attention to growing up. I always find it interesting and amusing to listen to all the variety of tips given by commencement speakers and graduations or any address given to the youth of today. I was certainly one of those girls who definitely had no idea how empowering it was to be a chic in today's world - to have the ability to use your knowledge and compassion to shape the world and all the while enjoy the fun of having more options in shoes and accessories. =)

Some things I wish I knew as a teenage girl that I now know as a grown woman:

1. Wash and moisturize your face every night before bed. Your complexion at 40 will thank you.
2. Those endless bags of chips and junk food eventually catch up to you and your thighs.
3. An educated woman = World, watch out!
4. You're actually a lot more interesting being yourself than to follow the seemingly cool fads of high school. Even if it means you love the excitement of the new books at the library dance only slightly better than a 3 year old.
5. Momma was right. Too much television really isn't all that great for your brain. Even if it was Beverly Hills 90210 night.
6. There's a reason why your parents give that boy an evil eye when he hangs out at the house.
7. Exercise can actually be fun. Guess the P.E. teacher was onto something.

Happy Tuesday!