Dentures & Stand-Up Comedy

Creative ruts. Artistic lulls. Boredom with the black and white and longing for the color of life to shake things up a bit.

For the creative mind, these times are NOT the funnest times. There were moments like this, when, in my desperation for an outlet to create or be creative, I’ve resorted to staring at a pile of coloring books my niece owns and consider coloring every single cutesy animal page in that book, connect every dot in the connect-the-dot sections of the book, and color each Disney princess’ hair purple. Or maybe magenta. Depending on my mood and what my niece allows me to go Crayola-happy on. I don’t think I can get away with the multi-colored princess hair thing anymore, though. She’s getting to that age where she’s wondering why her auntie still wants her coloring books when she herself has outgrown them.

But alas, nothing beats the lulls better than a little laughter. Last night, my husband I watched stand-up comedian Kevin Hart’s “Laugh at My Pain”. We love ourselves some good “bwahahahahas” and this DVD was no exception. To watch stand-up comedy with my husband and repeat all the funny lines over and over like a broken record to him (because he LOVES when I do that!) on a Wednesday night is, like, the best.

I hope that by the time we’re old and grey, we’ll still be into hanging out together on a random weekday, watching stand-up comedy, and “bwahahahha-ing” till our dentures fall off.

Oh and for those of you who have already watched "Laugh at My Pain".....ARIGHT ARIGHT ARIGHT ARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!