Thoughts on Introverted & Extroverted Entrepreneurship

I'll be the first to admit that it's not easy being an entrepreneur who is more introverted and shy. I recently had a conversation with another businesswoman and found it interesting how we shared a lot of the same challenges, the same "please, please, PLEASE, don't make me talk to anyone at this event other than the chips and guacamole" kind of moments.

In a few of my previous posts, I've often joked about various networking meetings in which my favorite spots to mingle were near the food-preferably dessert- table in the back of the room. Waaaay back. Hugging the exit sign.

We chatted about how we often think of entrepreneurship and introversion mixing as well as oil and water but also discovered that there are indeed hidden strengths in what may appear to some as an obstacle to any business endeavors.

Whenever I thought of a successful entrepreneur, it always entailed this picture of someone with larger-than-life confidence, the ability to chat with and charm anyone from 5 to 85 years old, the talent to make a crowd people laugh at their witty jokes. And while those characteristics are fabulous, wonderful, and valuable it isn't the way everyone should be.

As a portrait photographer for women, I am privileged to serve in a capacity that involves more than making a pretty photo. I've come to realize that my work allows me to serve as someone who will listen, encourage, and take the time to address the concerns behind every question. It's nerve-rattling to be in front of the camera when you're not a trained model or if you've had some insecurities about your appearance. The way your nose looks, your arms, your height, and oh my gosh I'm not 20 years old anymore, how can I possibly capture a truly beautiful photo of myself now? Because I am not a huge fan of crowds, I feel more comfortable in these types of one to one situations and I definitely have to say that being more of an observing introvert has helped a ton in being sensitive to each client's wants and needs.

In other words, whether you're more of the introvert getting a head start on the snack table at the back of the room, or the extrovert leading the presentation on stage at the front, there is no"right" way to be when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Serving a client well with whatever product or service you offer rises as above all of that, whether in a one to one setting or crowded conference room.

The world needs both.

Happy Thursday!