A 2016 Mood

Happy New Year! Here we go, 2016...

Several things have me excited for this new year. A new website that captures the lightness and brightness of the style I've always loved, new opportunities to grow, to change, to discover, to aspire, and most importantly, to trust.

On an evening before my husband and I were to meet my family for dinner, we roamed the nearby Urban Outfitters shop, marveling at all the fun things this shop always seemed to carry from vintage turntables to tiny, Polaroid-like cameras. 

Their book section beckoned us closer and upon intent browsing through the collection of the coffee table books, I stumbled upon this little gem that oooh, I just had to have. *insert girly voice here*

Writing becomes even more awesomesauce, even more fun when you have a few little treasures like this book of writing prompts to help combat the ever-known challenge of writer's block. 

Today's writing prompt....

Describe your mood today in one word.