Meatloaf Mondays and Musicians

Every person is made up of stuff. A mix of stuff that make you, well, you. On the Heartbox Photography website, this “stuff” is referred to as “heartprints.” (I made that term up, but isn’t it cool?) Like finger prints, but funner! It took a while for me to come up with a philosophy, vision, and name for my photography business. Something reflective of my voice, me as a person, and my love for photography. And that’s when I realized that the only way I can come up with a name was to look at what exactly made up my own heartprints and share that with the world.

What or who makes up some of my own heartprints? Lots and lots of people and experiences…so much to name. I’ll talk about them throughout my blog in many future posts, but for now, I’ll start with my husband, Justin.

He is part of my own heartprint as a person, in life, and of course, in photography. He has seen me through and supported me through a lot since we have been together. He’s seen me hiccup and cry (yes, the ugly cry) my way through a lot of challenges. He joins me in the nerdiness of laughing a little too loudly at things in public. He’ll do the dorky dance in the kitchen with me when our favorite songs blast through Pandora. He has the uncanny ability to say exactly what I’m thinking right when I’m thinking it. (it’s THE FORCE people!)

He loves me through morning breath, bad hair days, and becoming emotionally unglued (hello, PMS!). He prays with me, for me, and for us. He gave me my very first Canon SLR camera, knows all about my dreams to become a full-time photographer, and supports me every step of the way. He’s very a talented musician himself and he “gets it” when I talk and talk and talk about all things artsy and creative. Even if it involves me wearing hula hoop-sized earrings and wearing 5 different colors all at once. In public.

This past Monday was just another example of my husband’s thoughtfulness. As I fought my way through traffic to get home, he was making a yummy meatloaf dinner and simultaneously working to wrap things up with work.

I’m thankful to have my husband be a part of my own “heartprint”.

Let’s hear it for Meatloaf Mondays and the loving musicians who make them.