Faces and Football

It’s a rainy Monday and though I’m not a huge fan of rain, I’ve long since made a promise to myself to quit my whining about it, because, heck, we probably need it.

We spent the weekend doing the errands thing on Saturday and of course, the long awaited football game on Sunday. Hailing from the Bay Area, you can’t not root for the 49ers, especially since it’s been 12 years/forever and a day since they’ve made it that close t the Superbowl. In addition to not being a fan of rain, I’m also not too much of a football fan either. BUT! I’m a huge fan of good excuses to eat and to hang with the family. And before you start thinking I’m a typical girl and ask all sorts of questions during the game, that’s where you’re wrong….I do the COOL thing and slump in a corner with a bag of chips and munch away, taking pictures of the 49er-crazed family of mine.

My husband and I normally bring our four-legged baby to these family events, but this time around we decided to leave her behind. And oh, while I enjoy family time, I could not wait to go home and cuddle with this face again:

She steals the laundry, eats the toilet paper, and barks her demands for you to throw her ball and play catch 24/7.

We adore our little furry brat, Kona Bean. Yes, Kona Bean is her name. I would tell you all the genius nicknames I have for her, but I’ll save that for another post.

The night concluded unfortunately with a loss to our beloved Bay Area team. Though it was a bummer, even for not-into-football individuals like me, I almost giggled. (yes, I know I’m totally childish but oh when something's funny, my manners are totally non-existent)

You would totally giggle too if the first thing you see was your uncle’s disappointed face staring at the television, looking very much like this:

Oh, well. Kudos to the 49ers anyway for the hard work ya’ll put in and to Coach Harbaugh for pushing them to a whole new level. You guys still rock.