breast cancer

Be Well

I may as well just come out and say it - I am absolutely terrified of one day becoming  part of the statistics of folks who get that dreaded phone call from the doctor relaying news that I have a terminal illness.

Where is this coming from? Well, just yesterday, I was pulled into an impromptu meeting with a few colleagues at my day job to discuss something important. We all chatted cheerfully as we normally do before a meeting but that happy banter came to a screeching halt. We came to find out that the purpose of the meeting was to be informed that a co-worker of ours had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I distinctly remember the wave of chills that overcame me as everyone's chatter fell into a cold silence once their ears registered this horrible news. I think what was even more shocking was that with this recent announcement the total number of women in our building who are currently battling breast cancer or have survived it now came to a total of 4. As crazy as it sounded, my colleague blurted out "Sheesh....what's going on? Is there something in the building?"

That meeting was a harsh reality check for all of us that cancer of any sort doesn't discriminate on age, race, background, or whether you're in sunny California or in snowy Alaska. At the end of the day as I walked to my car for the commute home, I couldn't help but be reminded once again that health is so far more precious than money or things in this world.

More than ever, I am extremely grateful for the life and health I have been given. And I hope you are, too.