Snail Mail Surprises and Hamster Marathons

It can be very easy for me to get caught up and get busy in the seemingly "important worries"of my life. So much so that I quickly become a relentless hamster on a wheel, sprinting with intense fervor, not realizing that the wheel has no end in it's circular motion. Working, editing photos, building a business, folding laundry, paying bills, sitting in traffic, exercising enough, saving enough, calling my parents enough, wondering if I'm spending enough time with the husband, friends, and family, thinking I should get that blinking light checked out on my car.


But then -  I receive something in the mail that beckons me to stop the hamster-wheel marathon.

This colorful card of beautiful images came from a good friend of mine after she has just finished a trip to Nicaragua with the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children. My friend is studying to become to a dietitian and I am so proud of the work and efforts she was a part of in Nicaragua this summer.

Though the card as a thank you for a small donation we made towards this endeavor of hers, a part of me feels like I actually owe her a thank you. For making me stop amidst the "seemingly important" stuff in my life to see that there is a world out there beyond my little hamster wheel and me. An awesome world of smiling faces and the people working hard towards making a difference in it.