Laura, 2013. Cannery Row, Monterey, Glamour Photo Session

One of the things I love the most about being a photographer is that I have the rare opportunity to get to know new faces. And being a photographer of women means that the conversation with my clients and models are always interesting and can be sprinkled with topics that vary from the challenges of being a mom, a career driven woman, why our hair just won't always behave itself in the morning as we rush out the door or yes, even the confessions of the time our eye lash curler attacked us. 

As I'd mentioned in her preview post, Laura had contacted me for a makeover and photo shoot to take place in the beautiful coastal area of Monterey. As the sun gently lit up the late afternoon, the talented Emily Nguyen of A List Make Up set to work on Laura's hair and make up for the photo session. 

After a quick outfit change (because ladies, we all know that awesome hair and make up is never complete without an awesome outfit to match, amen!) Laura and I took a stroll through the beautiful Cannery Row of Monterey to capture the afternoon light for her photos. We chatted about everything - from her being a mother, an aspiring law student, to the trials of walking around in a fabulous pair high heels. 

Laura, thank you. It was an honor to be able to not only photograph you, but to also learn more about you as a person. You rocked the shoot and I hope these photos remind you every single day of your beauty and your fabulousness - simply because you are you. 

Here are a few of my favorites. To see more, feel free to check out the video here or at the bottom of this post.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Hair and Make Up by:

And boom. Model status.

Go on with your gorgeous self, Laura! Absolutely loving this Monterey light...

Laura and I share a similarity in that we both freeze when it's below 75 degrees. Even though the ocean breeze left Laura almost frozen, I'm happy to say she summoned her inner model and bravely pushed through, resulting in these beautiful shots.

One of my absolute favorite shots...

Preview: Laura. Monterey Photo Shoot. 2013, Cannery Row, Monterey

Every mom's story is different. 

From the details of how they dealt with sleepless nights with their newborns, the ways in which they toughed out the challenges of raising teenagers, and to the way their hearts reacted to the day their young ones left home fort to venture out into the world of college, new jobs, and adulthood. 

In my book, moms pretty much deserve the lifetime achievement award. With a box of chocolates and a serious high-five.

Meet the lovely Laura. Laura had received a gift certificate from Heartbox Photography during a fundraiser auction and contacted me for a time to set up her make over and photo session. We picked a day that was blessedly filled with the beautiful coastal sun and breeze that is Monterey - perfect for an outdoor photo shoot. 

As we chatted, I found out Laura was not only a career woman and soon-to-be-law student, but also a mom. And I thought it was tough for my own mom raising three children, but my jaw just about dropped when I found out that Laura was a mother who had successfully raised six beautiful children. That right there? Well, that's just proof to me that Supermom does exist. 

It was an incredibly fun photo shoot for me, and in my book, not only is Laura Supermom/Supercareer Woman, but simply a beautiful woman inside and out. 

Below is a sneak peak of Laura's shoot, so stay tuned for more!

Many thanks to Emily Nguyen of A-List Makeup for her fabulous work on Laura's hair and make up.

Happy Wednesday!