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You know that saying that says "dance like no one is watching" - well, it's Monday and I'm thinking, shoot, why not dance like EVERYONE is watching?


More and more I find that at the heart of this God-given life it is possible to have joy.  Because the God who created this life has joy in His heart when He created us.

So yeah, dance like everyone and their mama is watching. Maybe they'll join in. :)

Happy Monday!


Marie | June Birthday Rewards | Portraits by Heartbox Photography | Bay Area, CA

Awhile back, I had the honor of photographing the lovely Marie as part of the Fifty and Fabulous series. Her constant smile and upbeat personality are nothing less than a joy to be around and it is my pleasure to announce her as the winner for June's Birthday Rewards drawing!

Cheers to you, Marie! Here's to many more years of life, joy, and hula dancing like there's no tomorrow - happy birthday! 

Marie. 2014 | Fifty and Fabulous | Contemporary Portraits by Heartbox Photography | Santa Clara, CA

If there is one fast way to determine just how tough you are physically, how graceful you are as a dancer, I highly, HIGHLY recommend you take a Hot Hula class with Marie. I have two left feet, survived and it was still fun. =)

I had met the lovely Marie awhile back when I signed up for a Hot Hula class taught at a local community center - she was the instructor and I quickly learned how fun (and challenging!) it could be to take a beautiful Hawaiian traditional dance and turn it into a fabulous way for folks to have a great cardio workout. (My legs just about fell off after the workout and I have renewed respect for those who can dance hula for hours!)

Before the shoot, I got a chance to talk with Marie a few times and learned that she is not only a go-getter career woman, talented dancer, beloved daughter and friend, but a mother and grandmother as well. Chatting with Marie is like chatting it up with your best friend or sister - her genuine smile, cheery spirit, and sense of humor make it obvious to me why she is a great instructor and why many of her students enjoy her classes.

I have always believed that a woman should celebrate every season of her life and am proud to share Marie's photo shoot as part of the Fifty and Fabulous series offered by Heartbox Photography.

Marie, thank you for being so open and genuine from our very first conversation. It was an honor to photograph you, to learn more about you and your family, and just to be able to connect with such a lovely person. Here's to celebrating beauty that never goes out of style....

Happy Thursday!

Many thanks to the talented Vlada Fomenko-Haggerty for Marie's beautiful hair and makeup!

Fifty and Fabulous: Preview | Marie, 2014. Portraits by Heartbox Photography, Santa Clara, CA

As an artist, sometimes the new ideas can fill every crevice in my mind in crazy abundance that it almost becomes hard to pick one and run with it, grow it, try it out without being trapped to my perfectionist ways.

I'm basically saying that I can be very crazy, slightly A.D.D. when it comes to the world of creative possibilities that photography can offer. 

One of the ideas that I'd been wanting to try out for a while was portrait sessions that celebrated women who had reached that remarkable milestone of being 50 years old. Fifty and fabulous, as I once heard it phrased. 

That life stage where her beauty is timeless more now than ever because in addition to her outward beauty, she also carries internally a unique element of depth that only comes from a full life of a woman who has lived, laughed, loved, cried, triumphed, and grown.

Marie is a beautiful mother and a grandmother. A graceful dancer who invests her time teaching the art of hula to other women for them to enjoy. A woman who celebrates 50 years of life with joy, gratitude, and laughter. Lots of laughter.

There is more to come, but for now, here's a little sneak peak into Marie's Fifty and Fabulous photo session with Heartbox Photography - stay tuned!

A special thanks to the talented Vlada Fomenko-Haggerty for Marie's beautiful hair and make up!