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Thuy, 2015 | Headshot Portraits | Saratoga, CA

Beneath Thuy's quiet nature and resolve is a wife, mom, and talented business owner behind Bay-Area based, award-winning Ha Design Studio. Her wide span of creative branding skills have allowed her the opportunity to work with various companies in different industries that include LunchBots, Pizza California, Three Sisters Flowers, and Holistic Legal Services.

But beyond her wide-array of accomplishments as a designer, the one thing that stands out to me the most is that she is supportive and a firm believer in being unafraid to step out, be creative, and be different. As a fellow small-business owner and woman, I learned that we shared a lot of the same hopes, aspirations, and challenges. During the chats/lunches we've had, I always remember feeling encouraged and hopeful, even daring to dream big once again. Whenever someone simply says to you "Why not?" as Thuy has said to me on more than one occasion, your mind can't help but start thinking about new ideas to try out and new paths to discover.

Thuy, thank you for trusting my camera and me to capture you in these photographs. Your quiet and encouraging nature is something I can't be grateful enough for. I look forward to more opportunities I can be a support to you the way you have been for me!
"A truly beautiful woman is someone who is authentic and true to herself. She loves everything about herself and doesn't seek external validation. 
Because of this, she radiates happiness and beams with joy. She is kind, daring, creative, intuitive, gentle, and strong all at the same time."
What is one thing you wish you could go back and tell yourself when you were 18 years old?

"You are perfect the way you are. There's nothing to prove. 
Have fun and don't take life too seriously."
"[I want young girls to know] that self-confidence makes a woman more beautiful than all the makeup, clothing and jewelry in the world. 
"When we put another woman down, we are putting ourselves down."
"Be kind to other women. Too often, young girls see other women as competition and try to cut each other down to feel better about themselves. 
I want them to [instead] know that we are stronger when we come together."
"The thing I most appreciate about my life is my daughter. I'm watching her grow into this little human and it's so miraculous. 
Seeing how much she looks up to me and mimics everything - I try to be the best person I can be."
"I want [my daughter] to know that she can have it all and have a blast while she's doing it!"
Many thanks to Kat Tinney for her beautiful work on Thuy's hair and makeup!

Preview - Thuy, 2015 | Headshot Portraits | Saratoga, CA

The weather was beyond warm in downtown Saratoga, California, the sun shone bright and high in the sky and there was barely a breeze to be felt in the oven-like temperatures - all the conditions that would have sent most people running for cover.

However, the lovely Thuy Ha, owner of award-winning Ha Design Studio, proved herself to be a tough trooper and braved the California heat for her portrait session this past weekend.

And when the sun paints a beautiful halo light for shots like this, I can't help but feel the urge to do a little happy dance for sunny days, summer portraits, and I'll-withstand-the-heat-for-the-photo-kind of clients.

There's more to come from this shoot, so be sure to stay tuned!

Many thanks to Kat Tinney for her beautiful work on Thuy's hair and makeup!

Ritu, 2015 | Headshot Portraits | San Jose, CA

"The lawyer is a healer and has immense responsibility to help her client to change and be free."

-Ritu Goswamy
Immigration and Citizenship Attorney
Holistic Legal Services

As a kid, I wanted to be a lawyer, just like my grandpa. In my Hollywood version of what an attorney was, I wanted to walk into a courtroom with my briefcase in tow, ready to state my case, to win the fight, to eloquently reason without hesitation, even to hear the click-clack of my shoes echoing against the cold floor of courtroom. Intensely selfless and world changing lame, right? My grandpa was a respected immigration attorney and I grew up hearing countless stories from other family members of how he had helped many people. In short, I'm pretty sure my insightful perception Hollywood version of what I thought an attorney was would elicit a slightly amused chuckle from my grandpa.

Looking back, I am so glad that God had better plans for my life simply because I think my reasons for wanting to be an attorney were probably more based on pride than for a genuine desire to help people.

When I met Ritu, I was struck by her strong desire to genuinely help others not from a standpoint of "I'm an attorney hear me roar" but from a "Yes, I'm an attorney and it is merely a vehicle in which I can deliver service to people from a holistic perspective to make an impact that goes beyond the courtroom."

Her desire to impact and influence the legal world extends well beyond her clients as her firm also offers continuing legal education as well as health counseling for fellow attorneys. In an often high-pressure field, Ritu's convictions to shape her work in such a way that impacts the world is nothing short of inspiring. It reminds me that my work as an artist, a service-provider, a photographer, a woman and an entrepreneur can also help shape this world beyond just the immediate task before me.

I am excited, honored, and beyond thankful to have helped be a part of the re-branding of Ritu's firm, Holistic Legal Services - below are some my favorite shots from Ritu's recent head shot session in the beautiful downtown San Jose with Heartbox Photography.

Ritu, thank you for your trust, your kindness, and allowing me to be a part of such a huge step for Holistic Legal Services. 

Most of all thank you for using your skills as an attorney to help and serve others, to do what many of us could not do on our own.

Thank you, Thuy Ha, owner of Ha Design Studio for introducing me to Ritu and as always, many thanks to the awesome Kat Tinney for her beautiful work on Ritu's hair and makeup!