Boston strong

Boston Strong 2015

I'm not a runner. But I love a good lobster roll and rumor had it that Boston was among the best places on the East Coast to have one. Or two. Or THREE.

This past week we were fortunate to have the opportunity to cheer some friends on who had qualified to run among the best in the 2015 Boston Marathon. Both my husband and I had never visited this city, so needless to say were super excited to share great memories with friends on a new adventure.

Like I said, I'm no runner. But I have mucho R-E-S-P-E-C-T for those who train hard and run for this big event, especially in the wind, rain and 43 degree weather that the skies released on race day. It was interesting to be at the 24 mile line and see a crowd of supporters cheer their hearts out for each runner that fought hard to make their way to the finish line. To be inspired and learn about the stories and reasons why people ran. To be a witness and see that though the tragic events a few years back were far from forgotten, it did not stop the spirit of the city from coming together for this special event. People ran for personal fitness goals, for loved ones with cancer, to guide blind individuals through the entire 26.2 miles - I wanted to high-five, fist-bump, raise my voice and cheer every single one of them.

This trip, this experience was a fantastic memory made with friends - one made complete with delicious lobster rolls and the best clam chowder.

I am thankful.