Noli & Noemi - Here's to Life, Love, & LOL

I am fortunate to have a husband who loves/gives in to my begging for him to tag along to all of Heartbox Photography's photoshoots.

He willingly drives to the shoot locations (because I'm too busy hyperventhilating into a bag and getting nervous about the photoshoot), willingly holds up the necesary reflectors (so I can get just the right balance of light that make the subjects look their absolute, fantabulous, best), and willingly supports and encourages me even when I try to act cool and stuff in front of clients.

But the best part of having my husband tag along on the photoshoots? He loves making these hilarous videos as an extra fun touch and way to remember each project, each photoshoot, each memory captured.

Here's to my supportive husband, and our awesome friends, Noli and Noemi for loving laughter just as much as do.