30 Days of Thanks | Day 1: God's grace

A friend of mine recently took on an interesting challenge in honor of her recent birthday. This challenge entails 1 year/365 days of finding something in her day to be happy about. From finding joy in the mundane to the spectacular, she's documenting it all.

Hence this post. A challenge as long as a  year loooong makes me a little nervous, but perhaps that just goes to reveal the level of doubt I am a little embarrassed to admit I carry too much of. Almost as if I can hear an audible whisper that wonders if I'll even find something to be thankful for during the rest of this week. Well, how 'bout 30 days? Game on. 

Day One. I am thankful for God's grace. Seriously. Because whether I feel like being thankful or not, whether I "feel" deserving of it or not, whether my circumstances show happiness, sadness, apathy, joy, struggle, or triumph, heck, whether I believe it or not, it is always God's grace that remains a constant. I know that as a human, I am as fickle as the direction of the wind, yet God's grace is this rock-like anchor that remains present like crazy in my life. 

And I can't live without that crazy, rock-like anchor kinda of grace.