Kalpana, 2015| Portraits by Heartbox Photography | Sunnyvale, CA

One of the elements I constantly strive to incorporate in my portrait photography for women is that fashion/editorial feel. There is something incredibly fun about creating images that show the everyday woman not only at her best, but also in the "supermodel" version of herself.

When I sat down to chat with my friend and up and coming designer, Jenn Van Gundy, I discovered we both not only shared a deep interest for fashion, but also that we both aimed to stay true to our beliefs that women did not need to be too revealing to be considered fashion-forward, classy, and beautiful.

I love collaborating with other talented artists and am so excited to feature the final shots from this session. Jenn's skillful hands crafted this beautiful white dress that featured multiple pleats, a simple touch of multiple colors to adorn the waistline, and a sweetheart neckline. While the day was overcast and a bit breezy, our model, Kalpana toughed it out like a champ and simply rocked this beautiful creation! 

Here's to fashion, collaboration, and celebrating women everywhere.

Happy Friday!

Many thanks to the talented Jenn Van Gundy for celebrating women through your creative talents and to Kat Tinney for your work on Kalpana's beautiful hair and makeup!