Preview - Ritu, 2015 | Headshot Portraits | San Jose, CA

There are people in this world who posses such a genuine smile from the inside out that it is hard not to feel immediately at ease the minute you meet them. And I personally think that a genuine smile of someone who truly cares to help people is one of the best characteristics you can have when you work in the legal field, as Ritu does.

Ritu is an immigration attorney and yoga instructor in San Jose. As we spent the afternoon preparing hair and makeup and later strolling through the downtown area for her photo shoot, it was obvious in our conversations that she has a passion for tailoring her services (and living life) from a holistic perspective - something I can certainly appreciate and respect. To be a woman and unafraid to let who you really are shine through in the work you do and passions you pursue is no easy feat and I am honored to have met an individual who is doing exactly that.

I am excited to share a little sneak peak into this weekend's photo shoot with the lovely Ritu - there is definitely more so be sure to stay tuned!

Happy Monday, everyone!

A warm thank you to Thuy Ha, owner of Ha Design Studio for introducing me to Ritu and as always, many thanks to the awesome Kat Tinney for her beautiful work on Ritu's hair and makeup!