Preview - Danielle, 2015 | Headshot Portraits by Heartbox Photography | Los Gatos, CA

Walking into any new situation that involves crowds of people and name tags has never been easy for me. Ever. It is almost a guarantee that as I maneuver my way through the crowds of confident chatter from women of various professional backgrounds, my focus and footsteps will always be zoned in on finding the snack/refreshment table quickly so I could hide my lack of confidence beneath the casual munching of cheese and crackers.

However, despite my innate ability to be terribly awkward and shy, I have been very fortunate to meet a ton of friendly and welcoming professionals who have been helpful and kind beyond what I can ever measure. 

Danielle is one such individual and I had the privilege of meeting her at a local networking event hosted by a wonderful organization called Women in Consulting. I had the opportunity to get to know this talented graphic artist and project manager as we spent a beautiful and sunny afternoon preparing for a photo shoot to update her headshots. 

Below is just a sneak peak into Danielle's photo session - there's definitely more so be sure to stay tuned! 

Happy Tuesday!

A special thanks to stylist,  Kat Tinney,  for her beautiful work on Danielle's hair and makeup!