Stephanie, 2015 | Portraits by Heartbox Photography | Santa Clara, CA

Whenever I finish a shoot, I often have moments of complete photographer's geek out. It's a bit like a happy euphoria for an artist and photographer, when something they envision comes to real life in a photograph before them on the screen.

That's how I felt when I photographed the lovely Stephanie. 

Stephanie is a wonderful friend of mine and being able to capture the very essence of her in these photographs was not only an honor but an incredible reminder of the joy I feel when I'm given the opportunity and trust to paint a picture for a woman. To paint a new perspective for her, to show her what she may not always see or remember everyday - that she is, indeed, a beautiful and unique creation in a class all her own.

A special thank you to the wonderful Kathleen Tinney of A List Makeup for her beautiful work on Stephanie's hair and makeup!