Random Schmandom

Sometimes, I think I feel this odd obligation to say something deep and profound whilst desperately staring at a blank screen that seems to taunt me in my writer's block.

It's in these moments, that I realize that my random human thoughts of this past Thanksgiving week in general are probably the best route to go. Take THAT writer's block!

1. We traveled to Las Vegas to visit family and while the visit was fun, it took, oh, ONLY 12 HOURS TO GET HOME. I fell asleep in the car as my husband drove, woke up and realized that we moved about 3 feet from when I first knocked out. It was right about then that our dog barfed in the back seat and I had a strong urge to weep miserably into my pillow.

Yes. My roadtrip pillow.

2. One of my oldest friends came by to visit while we were in Las Vegas. She brought chicken wings to the Thanksgiving shindig. I am thankful for chicken wings and for friends that know you all too well.

3. I scored my first pair of Chuck Taylors during the Black Friday shopping madness. You are never too old for a classic pair of white Chuck Taylors. 

4. I re-discovered my love for journaling. Most of my best conversations with God involve a pen, a brightly colored journal, and freedom. 

5. My sister and brother in law are due to visit in December. I can't wait and am practically doing the happy dance in my Chuck Taylors. The happy dance, at my age, involves a little bit of Cabbage Patch with a touch of Running Man.

6. Sharing how broken and flawed I am with other people is hard. Like, ehhhhhhh, do I have to??!?!? But even harder than that is really believing that grace covers me. But I'm learning. Slowly.

7. My dog is suddenly getting picky with her food - all she wants to do is play. And my mommy paranoia is setting in. OH MY GOSH, SHE'LL STARVE!!!!!!!  I sometimes wish I could carry her around and feed her through a bottle. My husband won't let me, I'm sure. How do I know? I already asked about a stroller for her. Kinda half joking. Kinda.

8. I love crab. It's so good. I just don't know how to pick it out live crab at the market. So, what's a girl to do? Call her mommy and give her the money to buy it for me and cook it. =)

9. I'm reading a book by Tim Keller at the moment called Prayer. And daaaaang. It's good. Really good.

10. The Christmas season is upon us Oh, man my heart smiles just at the thought of it.

11. Why do old coffee grinds smell like cigarettes?

Happy Monday!