Be Light.....Be Hope

I think one of my favorite things about the art of photography is the fact that light plays such a huge part in each photo created. Beautiful light makes my heart squeal in joy and reminds me of the endless possible photos that surround me. 

Light also reminds me of hope. And hope, in my opinion, is a major game changer to just about everything in life. It shatters limits, replaces lies with truth, allows for big dreams, makes possibilities generously overflow beyond what the human mind can comprehend. 

Recently, I had the privilege to photograph the owners of San Francisco-based company, Future Glory. This company is doing huge things not only by providing their customers with gorgeous, locally hand-crafted bags and accessories, but also with their active support and partnership with Freedom House and Because Justice Matters. These phenomenal organizations combat human trafficking as well as exploitation and violence against women. 

The best part? Future Glory is a company owned by women. And women entrepreneurs who use their gifts, their talents, their business savvy to be light and hope to other women deserve nothing less than a high-five/fist bump in my book.

Below was just one snapshot from the photo shoot - stay tuned for more!

Happy Monday!