Hearts Apart Portrait Session | Pendle Family, Bay Area, CA | 2014

Over the weekend, I had the amazing volunteer opportunity to participate as a photographer for Hearts Apart. I had heard about this organization sometime back and upon learning that they work with professional photographers to provide photography services for soon to be deployed servicemen and women, I immediately signed up. If you are a photographer reading this, I highly recommend checking out Hearts Apart!

It was an awesome first assignment and the Pendle family made it even more fun and memorable. Lonny and Katie are the sweetest couple with a spunky and beautiful little girl named Addisyn - and the more I got to chat with them, it was obvious that love and a real sense of family was at the core of who they were.

Lonny, Katie, and Addisyn, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to photograph your beautiful family. Lonny, once again, thank you for your service to this country. You do what many of us can not do and I hope you remember that. 

And Katie? Thank you to you, too. I have no idea what it is like to be a military spouse, (so many of us don't) but the perseverance and support you provide for your family and husband during the many changes and transitions isn't an easy one, I'm sure, and for that you deserve a heartfelt salute as well. You rock.

Happy Wednesday!