A Piece of Hawaiian Goodness: The Right Slice

It's been a few days now that my husband and I recently returned from a trip to Kauai, our favorite island in Hawaii. Needless to say, I am having some serious withdrawals from the warmth of the humid island weather, the blue ocean water, and the welcoming feel of aloha everywhere we turned. 
I actually contemplated putting a basin of sand beneath my desk just so I could wiggle my toes in something reminiscent of pure Hawaiian bliss. Hmmm...

It sounds a little ridiculous, the whole idea of my very own sandbox at my desk, but what's equally embarrassing is how much I miss a little bake shop in Lihue, Kauai called The Right Slice.  Even as I was trying to work off all that vacation eating at the gym last night, all I could think about was the baked-to-perfection coconut layer over chocolate ganache goodness wrapped up in a perfect gold crust that was miles and miles away from me hidden like a treasure of the Hawaiian islands.  


We stumbled upon this bakery after reading all the raves about their chocolate coconut macaroon pie. I took one bite of this slice of heaven and immediately started eyeing the slice my husband had, in case I finished mine first and he needed some help wanted a second serving. The mini-pies that were supposed to serve as a little take-home/try-save-it-so-you-can-be-kind-and-share-it treat didn't make it past our layover in Honolulu and I have the chubby-wubby belly to prove it. 

As we waited to board our flight back home, I spent some time looking at their website and all the other pie flavors as well as examining every detail of the chocolate coconut macaroon pie photograph, desperately wishing that iPhones had a scratch and sniff function. 


Not only does this place have fantastic pies, I also discovered that it is also a small business, owned and and operated by the head baker, Sandy Poehnelt. This made me smile even more, knowing that our money went to fund the efforts of a fellow female entrepreneur on our favorite island, no less!

The most important discovery?? Kauai is miles and miles away..........BUT. THEY. SHIP.


Fist bumps and a huge mahalo out to The Right Slice for sharing a piece of pie-heaven to this mainland girl. 

Happy Tuesday!