The Peanut Booger Kid

When my youngest sister was a kid, she once thought it would be a good idea to shove a peanut up her nose. It was a really fun idea for about 2 seconds before she started crying and we all realized a trip to the doctor's office was the only way to remove the peanut booger she created. And ironically, the she's allergic to peanuts.

Go figure.

When my parents splurged and bought my siblings and me a Nintendo game system with only two controllers, guess who often got left out of the Mario and Luigi adventures? You guessed it - the youngest, peanut booger sister.

During our teenage years, whenever I was missing a cool blouse or some favorite accessory from my closet, it was almost always found in the possession of my youngest sister who loved fashion as much as I did. Oooh, and did that lead to some historical fights! And let's not forget that time we both went to the salon together to get our eyebrows waxed for the first time. I was a little scared and she was a lot scared, so of course I made her go first. In case it hurt, she could warn me, right?

Or did I ever tell you about that time my other sister thought it would be funny to stuff the younger sister into the clothes hamper and sit on the lid so she couldn't get out? Yeah, that was freakin' hilarious, too. (Calm down, folks, it was a wicker hamper with plenty of semi-breathable holes of ventilation.)

And when she got all grown up enough to get married, I made sure to record a video of her on the morning of her wedding when she soon discovered a pimple right on her nose. Purely out of big sister evil laughter love, of course. We have to treasure these memories, after all.

Throughout life's ups and downs, she's been my best shopping buddy, my don't-tell-mom-and-dad cover up.

My biggest rival to my best homie.

A huge pain and a huge pain-reliever.

I've lost count of the fights, laughs, and tears we've shared as sisters and looking back, there is absolutely nothing I would change.

Today is my sister's birthday and there's a good chance that she's stuffing her face with ice cream and prancing around in a new pair of shoes right now (because she's kind of a nerd like that). Needless to say, I love the booger kid and am thankful to call her my sister and celebrate her life today.

Peanuts, anyone?