Churro Scouting and Disney Memories

This past Labor Day weekend, my husband and some of our best friends participated in the Disney Half Marathon. I, of course, participated in scouting out the closest churro stand.

It was a fantastic experience and needless to say, the excitement of the whole event was palpable and contagious for every participant there whether you were a runner, part of the cheer squad, or churro-scouting like me.

My husband, with the help of our friends, had been training for this since January so to be there and celebrate with him after crossing the finish line was indeed memorable. Plans to roam the park after the race then followed and we all rode loony-screamed on all our favorite rides and ate expensive fried food like it was going out of style. The warm night sky soon beckoned the end to a crazy-fun day in Disneyland and we soon found ourselves exhausted but happily walking back to the hotel.

And in this weekend, I was reminded that sometimes the best inspiration for my dreams and hopes in this life come from the awesome memories you make with your loved ones and friends.


Happy Friday!