San Diego Cruising

We had recently taken a short road trip to enjoy some sun and warm weather in San Diego our dog could have a vacation with us.

Yes, we are "those" pet-owners.

In light of the everyday and the busy to-do's, we found ourselves enjoying just being able to walk around, with no scheduled places to be and enjoying a cup of gelato or two. Or three.

I make to-do lists out of to-do lists that sometimes makes my head spin and to take a break from it all was not only much needed, but just plain nice. 

During this trip, I found myself being reminded to savor each sample flavor sample of pistaschio, chocolate, coconut, hazelnut gelato that loomed in the display case in front of me. I slept in and was greeted with a beautiful and bright sunlight peaking through the curtains. My husband and I laughed together, explored downtown San Diego, had over-priced room service delivered, and caught up on the entertainment of reality TV. (Yep. Love and Hip-Hop! Don't judge.)

And the best part? We got to enjoy every minute of this with a fur-kid named Kona.

Relish the small nuggets of happiness around your day, folks. They're there. I promise.