Reckless, Happy, and Growing

Sometimes, being a photographer, an artist, and entrepreneur can be lonely. Most of the time you work solo and even face some challenges and learning experiences solo. You wonder if you're the only one with that editing question, that tax question, or that editing question. 

In the same vein, it's this very feeling of occasional loneliness that have made me truly value the relationships and connections it's pushed me to forge with others in this industry. This journey so far has connected me with a ton of individuals I am forever grateful to. I've made friends with another photographer who also happened to be an attorney by trade. Much of our conversations entailed her generous input on the way my contracts could be tweaked and exchanges of creative marketing ideas discussed over Thai food. 

In the beginning when I didn't know which way was up and what focal points were on my camera, another photographer based all the way in Tennessee took the time to extend some Southern hospitality via email with every question I sent to her. Her advice and much-needed encouragement proved tremendously valuable as a fledgling newbie looking to steady herself in a competitive field. 

I've met other women entrepreneurs who, though not in the same industry, have offered their advice, encouragement, and have even become clients to show how much they support my dreams and remind me that it is more than ok to dream big.

And this? Well, this picture was a pleasant surprise awaiting in my inbox this past Monday morning. I received this photograph from one of my stylists I often work with, the talented Vlada Fomenko-Haggerty. While she occasionally stays to assist during the shoot, I had no idea she had snapped this photo of me working. Her talent and professionalism make me thankful that we work together and this photo felt like an extra blessing and unexpected extension of encouragement for the start of my week.

It was an encouragement to see this because sometimes, as an artist and often solo entrepreneur, I need someone to hold up a mirror to me when I'm immersed in doubt and question and remind me of what I look like when I'm happily pursuing my passion - content, creative, and happily growing.

Happy Wednesday!