You Tube Clips, Socks With Holes, and a Special Anniversary

As a kid, I wanted to be Cinderella. Except I'd be, like, the little brown girl version of her. With bangs and a love for rice.

The gown, the magical hair styling, and yes...those shoes. As most little girls dream about, I thought that love would be as perfect as they portrayed in this epic tale. With fancy shoes to prance around in, hair perfect every time, with a sprinkle of swirly glitter every where you go.

Little did I know that many years down the road, the reality of what love really is was so much better than I expected or even fathomed. Rather than being a painting of perfection and sunny days, it's actually a crazy mix of the happy, not-so-happy, the easy-peasy, tough as a microwaved steak days, sailing smooth, bumpy, pothole roads, the exciting and the ordinary, everyday.

My husband and I celebrate our the anniversary of the big day we said "I do."

I do to the I-think-the-birds-sing-a-melody-when-you-are-around-times and I'm -so-mad-at-you-times-I-hope-those-birds-poop-on-your-car-times.

I do to learning how to be more loving, serving, persevering, and forgiving. 

I do to sharing the chore of pairing up socks in the laundry, to taking turns letting Kona out for potty breaks when all we'd rather do is stay planted on the couch after a long day.

I do to laughing over the same Kevin Hart, Russell Peters, Anjelah Johnson comedy routines and pointless YouTube videos of fainting goats.

I do to cheering you on as you persevere in your goal to run and be healthy.

I do to sharing our love and passion for all things music.

I do to proudly watching you grow in your love and pursuit of God.

I do to the days we dress all fancy and I do to the days when we love each other just the same when we each have a hole in our sock and our hair could use a shampoo.

I do to loving you when you are sick and I could get sick, too, but it doesn't matter because I do to the sick and healthy times. 

I do to praying, to serving, to more hugs, to learning more about each other and being challenged in our faith together. 

I do to our life together, our love together, and experiencing more of God's plan for us together.

This is one of my absolute favorite photos of us together. My hope and prayer is that when we're 100 years old still watching random YouTube clips, the laughter, love, and faith will be even more abundant, more rich, more God-grounded.

Even if it involves dentures that might fall out with every smile at each other.

I love you forever, Bubby.

Photo courtesy of KI Photography