My Scissors and His Hope

Lots of people talk about the highs and lows of life. As a blogger/journal-keeper/bonafied "Hello Kitty diary keeper since I was 8 years old", I'm no exception. My level of excitement for writing tends to be very dependent on whatever I'm currently experiencing in my own life, high or low, sometimes even the in between.

The highs, lows, and the in-between. Am I saying that I'm ok with the roller-coaster life sometimes is? Though I love roller coasters, the anticipation for going up-up-up is thrilling, but sometimes anxiety-building for me, and then of course, the going down-down-down makes me want to sometimes hug stability of the ground while eating an ice cream instead.

But frankly, I think I struggle the most with the "middle" because it has to do with not knowing. Is the next turn going to be leading to an adrenaline rushing high or part of a gut-wrenching low? I'm a barfer, please tell me now.

Recently, someone close to me had a visit at the doctor's office that didn't quite end so favorably. No one I know really loves going to the doctor's office in the first place (Paper gowns and probing? No thanks.) so to have them call you because of some not-so-great test results can be, needless to say, a little stress inducing.

The middle - the waiting game - for further tests and second opinions is hard, but I'm thankful, grateful, and strengthened by God's gift of hope.

His kind of unbreakable hope.

Because regardless of the the high, low, and middle/in-between  life moments, His kind of hope intertwines and weaves through all of the unknowns with beautiful strength that even the scissors of my deepest doubts or most paralyzing fears can't cut through.