Margret, 2014. Bay Area, Glamour Photo Session

I love being able to tell the story of every woman, but especially mothers. The kind of beauty they posses deepens far beyond what the eye can see and is made of an intricate depth that was fashioned out of both the joy, pain, and perseverance that make up the life of a woman who shares her heart with others as a mother.

They are fabulous in their own way and Margret is no exception. She has experienced the highs and lows of past experience that have helped shape the woman and mother she is today to two beautiful daughters. Though having experienced the grief of a past miscarriage, she still believes everything happens for a reason and felt no desire to take it against God or anyone else.

Margret is a firm believer in having not only faith and confidence, but also being a go-getter, and unafraid to learn new things whether it's in cooking/baking or in business. But more so than that, she also believes in sharing a message with other women that beauty on the outside as well as within are what build a true and genuine confidence.

Margret, thank you for being a joy to work with. You are generous with your smiles and laughter and it was a honor to photograph you and share your beauty, both inside and out, with the world.

Here's to celebrating a mother's timeless beauty - Happy Mother's Day!

A special thank you to the talented Vlada Fomenko  for Margret's beautiful hair and make up! 

To see more of the behind the scenes of Margret's photo session, feel free to watch the video below!