Vacation, Business Networking, and Puppy Outfits - The Random

I'm attending a networking meeting tonight and the butterflies have started fluttering its wings since earlier this morning.

My husband wants to go Hawaii for vacation. And while it sounds like fun, my heart gets sad and weepy just thinking about leaving our puppy, Kona Bean, behind.

I'm considering getting my dog one of those pilot helmets and aviator goggles/scarf costumes. I really, really think she might like it.

Dark-chocolate covered pretzels shouldn't be so easily accessible to people like me who eat them for breakfast.

High-heels are fun and I love 'em like most girls who love shoes, but ohhhhh nothing beats a pair of Isotoner house slippers. Especially if you're losing the battle of the bunion. (You're welcome.)

For this type-A, must organize everything in sight kind of gal, places like Office Depot are like a slice of heaven. Post-Its, file folders, oh, be still my heart. Did I ever tell you about the time in college when my 5 pages of class notes looked horribly I re-wrote the entire thing for fun?

I love cards. Like loooooove/Hallmark gets a high-five from me. I love them more than the presents they come attached to. Many a time has my husband given me a gift and I spend more time re-reading and hugging the card more than I do opening the actual gift. He married a nerd and heck yeah, I'm proud of it.

I hate when it's prayer time during my small group meetings from church and the peaceful silence is rudely interrupted by my stomach deciding to imitate burping walrus.

The effects of wind-blown hair in a photo session creates divinely beautiful photos and makes my little creative heart swoon. I am determined to make Heartbox Photography known for dramatic wind-blown hair in every photo. =)

I wish it were still cool to carry my lunch in Jem and the Holograms lunchbox.

Happy Thursday!