Always Practice Seeing

One of the things I am learning as a portrait photographer is that you can never spend too much time seeing. 

Awhile back I took a workshop taught by a seasoned photographer with the intention of simply picking up a few tips and tricks I thought would be useful in my work. Interestingly enough, the biggest tip I received in this class didn't involve the use of a camera, but my eyes. 

As someone who never wants to miss a moment with my camera, the thought of not having an active camera in new surroundings didn't make sense and frankly, made me a little fidgety and uneasy. However, when I finally took the assignment seriously and actually sat quietly observing my surroundings without taking a single photograph on a random sunny day, it was then I finally saw the value in this lesson. That anyone can take a picture with a camera, but the ability to really see are what separates the picture-takers from the photographers who make and create a photograph.

It as a beautiful weekend in the city of San Francisco - perfect for taking the time to practice the art of seeing and creating a few memorable photographs of the city I am thankful to live near. 

Happy Monday!