The Baby Tied the Knot

These past few days have been a flurry of activity because of an important family event - my baby sister, the last one of our brood, tied the knot this past weekend in Arizona to a great guy who loves her. Weddings, or any huge celebrations that involve our family are a surefire guarantee of a little fun and a lot of crazy. Needless to say, it as a weekend filled with all of that.

In the midst of the laughing and and hubbub of activity, the celebration and dancing, it dawned on me that my little sister isn't so little anymore. And during my toast at the reception, it was this heart-tugging thought alone that nearly caused a bit of a hiccup-sniffle-I'm-about-to-cry-all-weird-into-this-microphone-and-sound-like-a-dying-walrus-or-something.

My sister, as you can see, made a beautiful bride. Everything went by too fast and it served as a reminder to me to cherish time with your loved ones, even the crazy ones. =)

Here's to love, new beginnings, and crying/hiccuping during a toast simply because you are happy for celebrations like these.

Happy Wednesday!