Beauty Redefined by Fashion Photographer, Rick Guidotti

As a photographer, you would think that I would walk around with the natural inclination to see beauty in everything around me. And while it's true that most days on other days I, too, get sucked into believing the lie that there is only one type of view or definition or perspective of beauty. Sometimes, when I come across someone who is different in some way, I hate to admit that my natural inclination is to wonder or take a second glance at them out of curiosity or surprise. It's foolish and yet serves as one of the biggest reasons as to why the work of photographer Rick Guidotti really tugs at my heart.

When I came across this video it was little bit like the wake up call that I needed to remember that truly, there is beauty in everybody no matter how "different" they seem to others. I am grateful to photographers like Rick Guidotti who are able to take their camera, their eyes, their talents and shake up the world by re-defining beauty for everybody.

Check it out here:

Here's to a beautiful world.

Happy Tuesday, folks!