PREVIEW: Jessica, 2013 Bay Area, Glamour Photo Session

Whenever I come into a new situation, a gathering, a party, the cool kids' table, etc. - you name it - I tend to gravitate towards whatever will keep me busy and hidden in the crowd rather than standing out like a sore thumb. So, needless to say, you will almost always find me near the back or near the snack/buffet table at large events.

In order to connect with other women business owners and promote Heartbox Photography, I decided to join a local networking group called Promote Her Business. I was never one who was the greatest at networking but it was something I wanted to get comfortable with. The first meeting I attended was at a small office and to be honest, I was hoping that I would have a crowd of people or at least a table of food to hide behind until I got comfortable chatting over appetizers with. But lo and behold, I was the nerd who showed up first and so had no choice to but to tuck my chicken wings away and chat with the leaders of the group who were already there. And Jessica was actually one of the first and friendly faces I was privileged to meet and befriend.

I'm honored to be able to showcase the first preview photo of Jessica's makeover and photo session this past weekend. There's more to come, so stay tuned!

Happy Monday!

A special thank you to Ashlyn Taylor of Madame Me  for Jessica's lovely hair and make up!