Lopsided Christmas Trees & Hope

Because Christmas is so wonderful and wonderful moments tend to go as fast as a box of chocolates in an office with all women. That being said, in the spirit of the season and all that it means, I'm making an effort to put the breaks on these moments to capture it, marvel at it, and say an extra thanks for it before releasing the gift back. As a kid, I fondly remember crossing off days until December 25th on my calendar, singing along happily about two front teeth with Alvin, Theodore, and Simon,  and the sight twinkling lights that blinked on the star high above our slightly lopsided, but proud Christmas tree.

My husband just completed the holiday decorations in our own home and I am thankful for another year of twinkling beautiful lights, time with friends and family, of the comforting scent of pine and cookies from our, ahem, Glade plug-ins. But even beyond the lights, the memories of many a lopsided tree, the old tape recording of carols and songs, Christmas celebrates the beautiful gift of hope God gave the world - for you and for me. And the simple truth of that is what I hope to stop and marvel at the most during this Christmas season.