Thankful List Day 7: A Two-Steppy Kinda Tune

Growing up, our cabinets in the living room were filled with old Beatles records, Billy Joel's greatest his on tape, Motown classic albums and the air would occasionally be filled with lovely sound of Sinatra's crooning of red wine and roses.

There's something pretty fabulous about being able to dance around in your living room on any day just because your favorite jam came on the radio. It makes a broom a microphone, laundry to not be such a mundane task. It makes the middle of the week feel like a Friday leading to a three day weekend. It's like finding out there's still some mint-chocolate chip ice cream left in the freezer in a container you thought was already empty.

Music has been a part of my life growing up and I am thankful to have had a childhood filled with the beautiful sounds of it that give me, still to this day, a reason to two-step with a little bit of happy on some random Wednesday afternoon.

Happy Wednesday!