It had been a loooong day at the office.

While most would relish in the fact that home awaits them after 5 PM, I was about to embark on what Google advised me would be a an hour and 15 min car ride to another meeting. But unlike the spreadsheets and reimbursements and meetings at my "day" job, this meeting had to do with helping out with an endeavor to set up a mentoring program with 3 other women as part of a larger networking group I joined earlier this year.

Though I was tired and trying hard not to fall out of my chair from exhaustion after the work day, I have to admit that the time around these proactive women was a good reminder that working with others is not only great for generating ideas but just for being reminded that everyone, new or seasoned business owners, need support and inspiration. There is something pretty neat about seeing women who are not only big on growing their businesses, but who are also big on supporting their favorite causes and charities and making health and wellness a priority.

Lots of ideas were discussed and a plan set in place for the launch of this mentoring program. I have never been a part of something like this before teaming so it will be very interesting learning along the way.

Happy Wednesday!