PREVIEW: Holli, 2013. Bay Area, Glamour Photo Session

It's a very, very tough thing to have to choose what your passion is versus what the majority of the crowd is doing. It sometimes feel equivalent to hiking uphill - in the wrong shoes, while everyone of your peers effortlessly jobs forward in not only the right shoes, but with all the fancy hiking gear to go along with it.  

Whenever I share with others that I am a photographer, a majority of them naturally think that I photograph weddings and families because, truth be told, a majority of photographers I am aware of are indeed wedding or family photographers. And though I am proud of the fact I have chosen to specialize in only glamour photography for the everyday woman, there are moments I get a bit shy about sharing this other people. In short, yes, I sometimes get insecure, wonder what they might think, and wonder to myself if I should be doing what the majority of the photography industry is doing. But, thankfully, that thinking only lasts for a split second and quickly fades away.

I specialize in makeovers and glamour photography for the everyday woman. The college gal, the busy mom with 3 kids who runs at 100 miles per hour daily, the grandmother who proudly bears bears the grey hairs and lines of years of wisdom, the girlfriends courageously conquering the world, the busy working woman. You get the picture. EVERY woman. No exceptions.

It might sound funny to some, but I dedicate my time to studying pages and pages of fashion magazines, learning various poses (and yes, even practicing them in front of the mirror) that is flattering for women of all shapes and sizes. This was the only way I could teach myself how to pose other women in their photographs. I coach women through the entire photo shoot. I study photos of styled hair, colors of eye shadow, the direction the wind is blowing a woman's hair in a magazine. I love the creative freedom that comes with styling a glamour photo session, a freedom that I don't feel when I used to photograph weddings.

You know what the best part is of glamour photography and working with women? Is seeing them smile at their photograph because you've just helped them see themselves in a way they maybe haven't in a long time. That right there? It makes the "uphill" all worth it in the end.

Here is a sneak peak in to the latest glamour photo session with an awesome woman named Holli. As always, there is more so stay tuned!

Happy Monday!

A special thanks to Angela LaFlamme of Flame Angel Design for her work on 
hair and make up!