PREVIEW: Georgina, 2013. Bay Area, Glamour Photo Session

Being able to use my photography as a means to give back to the community is something that truly excites me. I'm learning that giving back in whatever way you can is as equally important as growing the business itself.  And for someone like me who can be a bit stubborn and too focused on myself, the reminder to give back is something I regularly have to do not only to check my head, but also my heart.

One of the ways I like to give back is by offering organizations whose causes I believe in, a photography session that they can give away at their fundraisers or auctions. I met Georgina and learned that she was the lucky winner of one of the sessions I'd given to a local fundraiser. It definitely brought a smile to my face to hear the excitement in her voice as we discussed over the phone the details of her shoot and makeover. 

Below is just a sneak peak of Georgina's photo session -  you know there's more,  so stay tuned!

Happy Thursday!

A special thanks to Angela LaFlamme of Flame Angel Design for her beautiful work on 
hair and make up!