Photographer Mommy Moments

Being at that age when most of my friends are having babies or may already be on their second kid gets me naturally wondering about what the future holds for my husband and me and our own future family. Over the weekend we made a trip to Ikea, the central hub of all all things "young family" and  and I have to admit that it was really interesting people watching and wondering about if we'll be one of those parents with the peacefully sweet and sleeping child in the stroller or will we be the parents whose kid has managed to smear chewed-up Cheerios all along the escalator railings and walls? I even once heard a story about a parent who's kid managed to smear a WHOLE peanut butter and jelly sandwich into the car CD player. I was actually a little impressed with the kid's skills - a whole sandwich??

Who knows, but one thing's for sure - being a photographer, I'm likely to have many, many moments like this that is going to end up as a photo on the Internet that everyone giggles at. Our future kid is going to be so lucky. =)

Happy Wednesday!