Sharing and Contributing

Early on this endeavor to build a women's portrait photography business, it was strongly impressed upon me how the best photographers seem to be the ones who gave back. Not necessarily in finances, though many have done that, but the generosity contributing their talents and time to help grow and sharpen the community of aspiring professionals like myself.

I used to think that connecting and sharing with other photographers was a sure fire way of contributing to my young business' demise (what with all the competition so prevalent in our industry). Yes, because I foolishly thought that giving away that secret function on my camera would absolutely ruin my chances of any success.

Key words to highlight from that paragrapph? I foolishly thought.

But now, after learning so much from other professionals who have generously given to me, after being encouraged and guided by photographers far more experienced in this industry than me, I can see that, truly, it is far better to give than to receive, to help exchange knowledge than to withhold it out of fear. And, if anything, I believe that any healthy competition keeps me on my toes artistically and serves as a much needed fuel to keep complacency and laziness with my business and my craft at bay.

Tonight, I had the privilege of receiving input from another photographer who also happens to be an attorney by trade. I connected with her through a mutual network group and she has been nothing short of generous with her legal expertise and business input. Connections like this? Priceless.

One day, I hope to make a huge impact on the lives of other photographers the way that others have done for me.

Happy Tuesday!