Friday Random Thoughts

My Random Friday thoughts:

1. I really, really think that I've got some Karaoke skill that need some showing off to the world. Especially if I'm asked to sing an 80's hit.

2. I love rushing home when I know it's going to be a comedy movie night and dinner with the hubby and our four legged therapist, Kona Bean.

3. Is it bad that before 10 AM, my recycling bin is already littered with chocolate candy wrappers?

4. Melted cheese....gosh, that stuff is so darn good.

5. John Mayer has a point in his song "83" - What DID ever happen to my lunch box??!?

6. Is my little sister really getting married? It seems just like yesterday our afternoons were spent riding our tricycles in dizzying circles around our backyard in the warm sunshine. I just love these memories.

7. I am thankful for my family. Even the weirdo individuals in it. We won't name any names. =)

8. I wish I knew how to breakdance.

9. July photo shoots are coming up and I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!

10. Why is it so hard to find nude colored heels that don't look like they're made of plastic?

And my final thought this Friday afternoon...

Happy Friday!