When I am Frustrated...and The Joys of Ice Cream

I laugh to myself sometimes when I see the reaction I get from new acquaintances after I confess to them that I can become pretty unglued at times. Nine times out of ten they always react in abrupt surprise and tell me that it's hard for them to picture me wigging out and losing it. "Oh, trust me, I've wept over many bowls of ice cream in my life and it ain't pretty!" 

As with most people in this world, I want to be able to be comfortable with being the real me to everyone I meet, even if it means a continuous practice of taking off the mask. It hasn't been easy sharing with others how unglued but who ever said it was easy to be yourself and openly tell folks that yes, you don't have it all together, that yes, you eat too much ice cream when life throws you a curveball?

When I feel frustrated:

I let my emotions fall.
I eat too much chocolate.
I eat too much ice cream.
Heck, I just eat too much of everything that is opposite of a salad.
I go to the gym.
I journal.
I pray.
I dwell on the issue.
I cry. With hiccups.
Did I mention I cry? 
I talk to my sisters, my friends, my husband...and then repeat.
I spend too much time on Facebook looking for distractions.
I organize or clean something. (Control issues much? Nah.)
I pretend everything is ok.

And then after it's all said and done and I just can't eat any more ice cream, I get back up, try again and hope again.

That right there? Definitely the most important thing from the list.

 Happy Tuesday!