My Yummy Sammich: Sanguchon Peruvian Food, San Francisco

Be forewarned.

This post has nothing to do with photography. Or my loveable dog. Or colorful jar-lid sized earrings or my husband's affinity for Star Wars vintage lunch boxes. Rather, this post chats about a love for a subject that makes my heart smile and makes me BFFs with my local gym.

That subject? None other than food. Like, for real good food. The kind that is so yummy it sends you into a middle of the afternoon coma and makes you wonder who decided to invent that nonsense word "diet?!" The kind of food that makes you not care if it was grilled, fried, or contained sticks of melted cheese so long as you got it with a side of juice. And a receipt.

This afternoon's sunshine and warm weather was perfect for a little outdoor lunch adventure and hence my colleagues and I found ourselves in front of the Sanguchon Peruvian Food Truck.

Everything on the menu looked and smelled too delicious. After debating if I should just put in offer to buy the entire truck, alas I ended up ordering their Lomo Saltado, a stir fried (ooooh, friiiied!!) New York steak with tomato, onion, cilantro soy sauce and fries that came in the sandwich.

People, I repeat.

There. Were. Fries. In. My. Sammich!

It took about, oh, five seconds or so for me to wolf down that goodness and now I am ready for a nap.

If you are ever in the mood for a Peruvian experience that come with fries in your sandwich, a trip to a Sanguchon Peruvian Food Truck or any of their sister restaurants in San Francisco, Mochica Peruvian, La Costanera, Piqueos Contemporary Peruvian is something I would highly recommend.

Fries in my sandwich and a beautiful afternoon of sunshine during lunch?

I gotta say, today was a good day.

Happy Wednesday!