Birthday Wishes & A Grateful Mindset. Glamour Photo Session, Bay Area, 2011.

My parents instilled in us early on the importance of having manners. "Please" and "thank you" were very much a part of our every day vocabulary from as early as I can remember. Often at times, even during our birthday parties in which our eyes met disappointment at a gift we were given that wasn't exactly the Barbie doll we were hoping for, you can still bet that Mom would be close by to nudge us into saying "thank you" nonetheless to the giver of the gift. Simply because it was the right thing to do. 

As I grew older, saying "please" and "thank you" became more than just the "right" thing to do - it became more like the very least I can say for what has been given so generously to me. Especially being an entrepreneur, every little bit of help, advice, encouragement, and time that has been given  to help grow my business by various individuals along the way has reminded me of all that I have to be abundantly grateful for.

A few years ago, I was in the midst of building up my portfolio. Needless to say, I solicited the time and untapped modeling skills of various acquaintances and friends to grace the front of my camera. It's amazing the inner-Vogue skills some folks have if you just venture out and ask!

One of my models, Ariane is featured in the photograph below and in one of the earlier promotional videos here. Today is her birthday (I am slowly becoming a little better about remembering birthdays with the help of, ahem, Mr. Facebook!) and in addition to wishing her a very happy and blessed birthday, I'd like to also like to express a huge thank you for not only allowing me to photograph her but for also being one of the many faces of women photographed by Heartbox Photography. As many of you know, my photography primarily focuses on photography and makeovers for all women and Ariane was one of the early models when I decided to shift the business focus entirely on this genre. 

Thank you again, Ariane, and happy, happy birthday!

Happy Thursday!