Stubborn Moms and A Stubborn God

My mother is stubborn. And the stubbornness used to be rooted in all the wrong reasons. No, really. Just ask her and she'll tell you herself.

A little background to this post about  my stubborn mom - I am a Christian and so is my family. It wasn't always the case, though, and believe me, being Christian doesn't exclude you from having problems, experiencing loss, hurt, anger, etc. both as an individual and within your family. Our family was no exception. Thankfully, years and years of a faithful and loving God has changed a lot in my family, and even in my mom. My stubborn ol' mom.

However, this past weekend, I found myself thankful that my mom's stubbornness is still very much present, but this time, for all the right reasons. I was set to pick up a few things from my parent's house before heading to a photo shoot and it turns out my mom was home getting ready to head out to lunch with some friends. The day up to that point was a hard one for me, as I was battling a heavy sense of sadness and anger over some things going on in my life that I was not sure how to handle. It weighed so badly on me that it de-railed my thinking and caused me to just start crying in defeat when my mom asked me what was wrong.

I mumbled an answer of struggling with depression and defeat and my stubborn ol' mom simply rubbed my back and reminded me of a God who loves me and the authority I have to still fight off any feelings of defeat or sadness because of what Jesus did for me on the cross. As I sniffled and sobbed like a baby, she stubbornly reminded me that I am a child of a loving and merciful God and that he wants me to live freely, joyfully, and abundantly in His grace - not weighed down by past regrets or chained by any lies hell tries to make me believe. She prayed for me at that moment and told me that I will be just fine. And you know what? I believe my stubborn ol' momma because her words of encouragement were really coming from my loving Heavenly Papa who is just as stubborn about His love for me and will not let go.

I understand completely that many in this world will either find this post rubbish and some will find it encouraging. I certainly hope and pray it's more of the latter. And if you need convincing and a prayer for whatever it is you are struggling with, my stubborn ol' momma and I would be happy to help.

Happy Wednesday!