Hiccups and Great Stories

As a kid, I loved everything aligned, neatly done, just right.

This is just a fancy schmancy way of saying I am a perfectionist and have been since the day I became best friends with Big Bird and Sesame Street. Every coloring book had to have all the colors within the lines, school supplies had to be arranged neatly in my desk, pencils on the right, paper on the left. 

I had cool written all over my Big Bird sweater. 

While other kids were happily enjoying Elmer's glue all over their hands and Costco-sample-tasting bits of paste during art time in kindergarten, I was the kid cautiously wiping away the excess of glue on my project. Because, you know, God forbid this artistic masterpiece of mine be ruined by excess glue along the carefully arranged purple construction paper! *gasp*

Now as a photographer, artist, and entrepreneur, it is no secret that perfectionism creeps up pretty often in the things that I do, whether it means answering an email perfectly to a potential client, to editing a client's image just right with the perfect touch of light. Even more so, I think a lot of the time I also get hung up on making sure that the journey as a photographer and entrepreneur is a smooth and seamless one - just perfect. 

But of course, reality comes along (more times than I can count) and reminds me that instead, it's the seemingly imperfect hiccups and bumps and surprises in the journey that make it worthwhile, enjoyable, and enriching - a story worth telling today.

Happy Wednesday!