My Gold Dancing Shoes and Mother's Day

Whatever you've been told, you're worth  more than gold
So hold your head up high
It's your time to shine
From the inside out it shows, you're worth more than gold.
                                                                        -Britt Nicole

I stuck it on repeat. Like, probably 5 times.

Ok, I'm lying. More like 35 times.

Whenever I hear a song that makes my heart smile, makes my ears perk up something crazy happy, and and simultaneously makes me want to break out my gold dancing shoes, you can bet that I will be that annoying passenger in the car who will press the replay button on that CD - and proudly sing aloud all the way through 5 hours of traffic like a BOSS.

Road trip, anyone?

I love how music can spark inspiration and today my ear buds at work have been blasting Britt Nicole's song "Gold" all afternoon. I'm in a dancing mood, so hit that repeat button! I think I love love love love this song because my heart and photography are all about wanting to make every woman feel that she's worth more than gold.

Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday, May 12th and while the ideas for Mother's Day gifts range anywhere from flowers to candy to home decorations, why not celebrate it this year by giving her a something a little different - the gift of a professional makeover along with a photo shoot with Heartbox Photography?

Gift certificates are available for purchase and can be used for a session with just her or even as a mother/daughter shoot.

Remind her this year that her elegance and grace as a woman and mother is definitely something to celebrate - every year.

Because her beauty is timeless.