Ah-Choo Season and Monterey Photo Shoots

Hello, springtime!

I am absolutely loving the warmer days and the sunshine in the late afternoons. The smell of the flowers, dodging around the swarm of bees near the flowers when walking Kona...love it all.

And how 'bout them allergies? Well, let's just say that there's nothing a little tablet of children's Claritin can't solve. I toughed out as much sneezing as I could but when it came to the itchy eyes that were, well, just ruining my eye make up, I took a stand and relented when my husband offered to pick up some allergy meds/Children's Claritin.

Low dosage usually works just fine on me and no it has nothing to do with the fact that they're grape flavored and taste exactly like Sweetheart candy. Like, exaaactly.

This weekend I'll be following the spring and sunshine down to Monterey's Cannery Row for an outdoor photo shoot that I'm super excited for! I love indoor studio photo shoots but it's always fun to take the glam to the great outdoors.

With springtime's late afternoon golden sunlight, I can just feel Monterey beckoning my camera and me to come out and play - stay tuned for previews from the latest makeover and photo shoot with Heartbox Photography!

Happy springtime and Happy Friday!