Glamour Makeover & Photo Shoot - Vanessa. 2013

Us women. We've all been there.

You know- there. At the checkout line at the grocery store or Target, letting our eyes wander over to the magazine racks as the cashier scans our paper towel, shampoo, and dog food. Wondering for a millisecond. Comparing yourself to her on the cover. And though I can't speak for every woman, I know that has been me on more than one occasion. And I like Target, so maybe it's been me on more like a zillion occasions. 

So...I get it. 

And now, I have the privilege to show women that yes, she (who stands in a grocery line with stuff to haul to the car, with kids to calm down and carry) is just as every ounce of fabulous as whomever graces the cover of Vogue or Elle magazine on the stands. It's not a look reserved exclusively for a certain type of woman, but rather a look that is achievable because she already has fabulous woven into her very soul. How? Simply because she is a woman. 

Vanessa, thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture your fabulous self on my camera. Hope your kids know how beautiful their mommy is. 

Happy Friday!

Hair and make up courtesy of Julieta Camacho

The Before and After